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June 2, 2015
TCS Healthcare Technologies Announces Enhanced Interface Tools
June 4, 2015

Education in Kenya Suffers at Hands of Shabab Extremists

Education in Kenya Suffers at Hands of Shabab Extremists
More than 1,000 teachers from other parts of Kenya have refused to return to teach in areas where they fear terrorist attacks, according to the Kenyan National Union of Teachers, igniting an education crisis in those regions. “Yes, I am concerned,” the …
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Minnesota sex education teacher takes students to adult store
The small K-12 school's motto promises academic freedom, youth empowerment and democratic education. Parents say it has about 25 students. Tax records show the school, which is housed in a Unitarian church, has an annual budget of about $ 100,000.
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A bad lesson
AMID mounting protests by rebellious teachers the Mexican government has taken a risky gamble. On May 29th, just days before mid-term elections scheduled for June 7th, it “indefinitely suspended” the most important part of its landmark education reform.
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