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Original Art Benefits Both Culture and Artist

Indian artist Francis Newton Souza was born on Goa in 1924, and was widely known for his controversial art and writing throughout his life. He liked to experiment with different art mediums; such as he did with an art piece titled “Red Curse”. He painted the work on soft black silk, which is an uncommon material for any artist. He is also known by using bold lines in his work, more commonly when creating the appearance of facial features, and gives his work the feel of the coveted modern art. Souza is so experimental in fact, that no true influence could ever be discerned from his work.


While living in London and New York during the 1960’s, Souza created some of his most wide-known and popular original art such as “Mammon,” “Last Supper” and “Christ Head.” Souza also had the title of being the only Indian artist with work exhibited at the Tate Gallery (London). Souza was an Indian independence activist, with very opinionated views, which led to his more political-styled artwork when he got older.


Understanding the investment made when novice art collectors buy art is something that is not widely known, and those new to the industry sometimes neglect to understand the true wealth and satisfaction from the outcome. As a recent example of June 2010, a piece of artwork titled “Birth” By F.N. Souza sold for over $ 2.5 million dollars, a record amount for original art by an Indian artist. Previously, the painting had been from a private collection.

Collectors who buy art created by modern artists such as Souza learn something from the experience and gain the ability to study the piece. There is a story behind every piece of artwork, and alongside the meaning, emotion, and visually striking décor. Able to study art, like in this case with Souza, collectors are able to experience the culture behind the piece.


Regrettably, not every piece of original art guarantees instant wealth, but if your looking to buy art for money, maybe you should change your perspectives. Art is a tunnel to the past where you can experience the emotions, happenings, and mood of the time period—a truly priceless feat.


Collectors may look upon their collection as money, but others, some more experienced, look upon the work a storybook from the past, history told through images.


If you want to invest your money on an Art Collection, whether it is with Original Art Pieces or reprints, first thing you need to do is a thorough research on the type of art you are interested in and the most well known artists of that trend.  With this you will be able to make a sound decision about what pieces you can buy.  Nowadays it is much easier to do that research, as you can find lots of information in the Internet.  From the comfort of your home you can find out all you need to know in order to make the best of your money and time.

Are you ready to Buy Art ? At Artboom, an online gallery resource, you can fine Original Art from many different time periods that reflect many different stories and emotions.

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