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January 17, 2018
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January 18, 2018

Why London Theatre Tickets Make an Ideal Gift

With the festive season drawing closer and the number of shopping days left until Christmas rapidly decreasing, the task of finding the perfect Christmas gift is getting harder. Some people resort to last minute shopping and end up walking away with only half of the presents they need and more often than not items that their loved ones don’t require or want.


In a season that couples with the tag line “it’s the thought that counts”, many gift givers could add a fraction more thought into finding the right present this year. The way people can shop has evolved to mean that shopping needn’t be a chore, with everything from wrapping paper to gifts now available online; you don’t even need to leave the house this year.


Surveying the endless list of gift sites and stores on the web, a novel, practical and thoughtful gift appeared on my screen. London theatre tickets make a versatile gift due to the number of shows, covering a wide range of tastes and demographics available in the city. Booking London theatre tickets for a theatre break in January will also provide a post-Christmas pick-me-up, at a time of year where everyone is usually feeling blue.


Many people believe that visiting London and going to see a show or musical is expensive; however London theatre tickets and theatre breaks are available at a range of price points and more often than not you will find a package that suits your budget.


For those on a smaller budget London theatre tickets are available on their own starting around £12 per ticket. London theatre breaks including a nights stay in a hotel start at around £55 per person depending on the show and hotel choice. For people wanting to make a night of it there is a third option that includes both London theatre tickets and a meal and starts at around £30 per person.


London Theatre Store have been established a number of years and have over 15 years experience in the entertainment ticketing, international travel trade and restaurant industries. They supply a range of cheap theatre tickets, dinner theatre deals and theatre breaks for top London musicals and shows such as Wicked tickets, Thriller tickets and Stomp tickets.


London Theatre Store

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