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February 2, 2018
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February 2, 2018

Why Paid Surveys Are For You

When you think about the idea of paid surveys on a global level you have to think about the variety of things you could get paid to do. Surveys are generally the result of marketing companies who need to find out how to market more effectively to certain groups.

Paid surveys will have some sort of demographics tied to them and the survey company will need your opinion on some product. There will be a few test questions you will be asked initially to see whether you are eligible for the survey. If you are, you proceed with it but if you don’t qualify your name will be kept in their database for a period of time.

Online surveys are probably the most popular because anyone can do them. There will usually be a specific amount of time that the survey is available for you to take it. Usually they pay between $ 1 and $ 3 or they give you reward points for taking them.

You can check in your local area because sometimes research and marketing companies pay people to sit on panels and/or focus groups. These generally are for local people and they are done at a specific time with a specific type of demographic.

As an example, the product may be cigarettes and they may want only smokers or a combination of smokers vs. nonsmokers of a certain age. They will screen hundreds of people to get a small sampling for the client and those will proceed with the focus group. At the end, they will either be mailed a check or receive one on the spot. These focus groups can be paid a stipend starting at $ 50 depending on what they want and the time involved.

Another type of paid survey is called mystery shopping. There are a variety of companies around who will pay people to go into their store and do a little shopping. Usually a third party handles the arrangements for the companies. These surveys are done for quality control and your feedback is valuable in telling them how they are doing.

You will have a certain amount of information to study before going. You will also be given a questionnaire that you will fill out after you leave the establishment. You will then go to the store, restaurant or fast food chain, do exactly what they tell you to do — they will tell you what to buy–while paying close attention to the service.

At the end of these surveys you will submit your questionnaire and they will send you a check in the mail for the agreed upon amount. You will usually get between $ 5 and $ 100 or more for these types of surveys. Sometimes the amount is included with the reimbursement for the product and sometimes you get a little more.

Paid surveys are fun and entertaining and if you do enough of them you can earn a great part-time income.



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