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Derek Elliott ? Entrepreneurship and Education

The important question in the minds of the budding entrepreneurs are the role of education is, especially if everything they do is something which they learn on the job. There have always been numerous fables where the budding entrepreneur has been a high school or a college dropout, and has then gone on to make an empire of the very nerds, geeks and other learned mortals that he left behind.

So the question is why does an entrepreneur need any education? The answer though highly debatable still lies largely in the fact that there is always a gray area that any flag bearer goes through. The techniques to surmount the insurmountable may be many, but it is always good to have some well-honed skills that are taught by the leading management course. After all, aren’t the entrepreneurs a jack of all trades and a master of 1?

Just to have a peek at what a management course could teach an entrepreneur, you can go through the syllabus of some of the leading management programs attuned towards entrepreneurship, let us see the subjects in general for one such course, but be ready to be surprised that normal management subjects like branding and macroeconomics take a backseat as compared to crucial subjects like Business Ethics, Leadership and change management, Social entrepreneurship, Enterprise establishment and management.

These unique subjects are unique and stand out, as an entrepreneur isn’t just another manager, he is more than that, he not only has to understand the concepts well, but also has to understand how his decisions affect the entire firm that he is running, it is as if a simple management degree will NOT be enough for ensuring that the entrepreneur will succeed.

Such niche courses are not many in our country, where entrepreneurs are still viewed to be people without proper jobs; this feeling in people is however slowly changing. More and more people are looking out for opportunities to be entrepreneurs, and education is one way to ensure that you learn from others mistakes first, and allow you to be more confident while you are running your own business.

Such courses are not just for budding entrepreneurs, such courses also form as a healthy breeding ground for people who believe they have it in them to start out afresh, and more importantly for second generation business men who are currently running a family run business. Such courses can help people to tread boldly in the Grey areas where other mortals fear.

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