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How To Become A Virtual Public Relations Advisor

If you have a history in public relations and would like to kick off your very own work-from-home enterprise, you may want to look at becoming a virtual public relations consultant.

A virtual public relations advisor has all the exact same duties as a standard public relations professional, communications specialist or media specialist, such as:

* Setting up special offers

* Event planning

* Press release writing and distribution

* Media associates

* Speaking engagements, scheduling and co-ordinating

The one change is that instead of heading to the workplace to be able to represent your company, you work from home for a number of customers and talk by way of email, telephone, chat, video conferencing and fax.

Based on the latest work data for 2010-2011, a public relations consultant makes an average salary of about $ 55,000.

Being a virtual public relations consultant you can charge by the hour, by the service or by the bundle. The hourly fee runs from $ 50-$ 150.

Exactly why Might Someone Hire a Virtual Pr Advisor?

Some great benefits of a digital PR advisor are numerous for a business. Instead of paying a worker a full salary plus benefits, training and schooling, they will just pay you when they have to have your services. They save money. And, your service fees are practically guaranteed to be lower than if they hired a public relations firm.

If you are interested in becoming a virtual public relations expert, think about the following steps to take:
Perform a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats assessment – SWOT. Exactly what areas do you think you’re strong in, where are your weak points, what opportunities complement your strengths and goals and exactly what threats do you see to reaching your goals? For instance, a risk can be something as simple as significant competition in your market or something much more challenging such as a fear of public speaking. It’d be hard to be a public relations advisor if you are uneasy talking to groups of people.

* As soon as you have finished your SWOT examination you will certainly have a very good idea concerning where you stand. At this point it’s time for you to decide where you intend to go. What exactly are your business goals? Who’s your perfect client? Exactly what are their problems and also how will you resolve them?

* Generate a business plan which includes exactly how you’re going to market yourself. Ideally, when you begin to build your website you are going to also be compiling a collection of experiences, references and testimonials to your competence.

* While assembling your business plan you are going to additionally need to take a look at the business demands in your area. Do you want insurance? Permits? Certification? Examine all of these items out, register your company and also determine how you are going to handle your finances. For example, do you require a business bank account?

* Network. As a pr advisor, who you know is virtually as essential as what you know. Network both online and offline to construct your company and make contacts.

* Lastly, start your business and enjoy the great things about being self-employed.

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