Let’s face it, we are in a terrible economy and who knows if you’ll have your job tomorrow?  Well, it really isn’t that desperate, but it doesn’t hurt to pad your chances of keeping your job.  Here are five ways that you can insulate yourself and increase your chances of keeping your job in this economy.

1. Have good work habits:  Don’t give your boss a reason to get rid of you.  Be to work on time, don’t abuse your lunch and breaks, and don’t talk out against the workplace, boss, or fellow employees.  Make sure you don’t miss important deadlines or get caught making or taking personal calls.  This is just good common sense, but it happens all the time. Also, make sure your friends at work aren’t doing this, as well.  If you are in the company of complainers or trouble makers, it is just as bad as being one yourself.

2. Be kind to your boss:  This doesn’t mean that you have to be a brown-noser, but it helps to be on a cordial basis with the person that employs you.  If your boss doesn’t like you, then you could be in line for a world of hurt if he has to let someone go.  In states where they have employment-at-will, your boss doesn’t even need a reason to get rid of you!  Just remember, your boss expects you to be respectful.  That should be a given in any situation for the person signing your check.

3. Personal value equates to job success:  This is one of the most important ways of keeping your job – show the company that you have something to offer that will make the company money.  It doesn’t matter what business you are in, the main goal of the company is to be profitable.  If you can add to that profit, you will be needed.  Sometimes this also means giving the extra effort in getting licensing or certification for what you do.  Not only is education a perceived benefit, it shows that you value your career and so will your boss.

4. Get along with your fellow employees:  Being the person the rest of the employees like can also help you in keeping your job.  There are office politics everywhere you go and if you make your boss’ job easier you make getting rid of you a tougher decision.  Be that go-to person in your office that keeps up the morale of other employees and knows how to make the others happy.  Employees that keep complaining about you or your work ethic make the boss’ job tougher.  You don’t want to be the cause of additional stress in your boss’ life.

5. Fly under the radar:  If you don’t cause waves and keep a low profile, then you might not catch your boss’ attention when the budget cuts roll around.  If no one sees you tipping the boat, then you’re likely going to stay in the boat.  One thing people end up doing is making themselves known in the most improper ways.  It could be you where outlandish clothes, have a loud voice or any number of other reasons that might make the boss take notice of you.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t offer good advice or opinions, it just means that you shouldn’t call undo attention to yourself.

Follow these five simple rules and you may add to your comfortable position at your current workplace.  They are easy to do and you won’t have to worry about the problems of looking for work in a down economy.


James Fowler has had a life-long love of gathering useless knowledge and bringing it up at inopportune times. Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, spends his days building web sites and SEO campaigns for clients and coming up with new top five lists. When he’s not spouting trivia, Jimm likes to dress up in armor and beat his friends with plumbing supplies in the form of a Live Action Role-Playing game (or LARP) called NERO. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, Maggie, and their “menagerie” of Porthos the dog (as seen on the web site), and his other three musketeers, the cats: Sebastian, Cassandra, and Samantha.

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