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January 7, 2018
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Satellite Tv Offers Great Entertainment Options For The Lgbt Community

The world of entertainment is getting bigger and smaller at the same time with satellite tv. It is getting bigger as more and more programs are created to fill the growing number of channels available. It is getting smaller by creating channels that speak to specific viewer demographics and niches that provide a more personalized television viewing experience. One such example of this is LOGO, the channel created specifically to cater to the LGBT community and their allies. This is a channel that is only possible because of the expansion of options allowed by satellite tv, yet it is a channel that is so specific that it makes LGBT folk feel like they have a place all their own in the world of entertainment options. This is no small thing to a community of people that is often pushed aside and marginalized, even in the entertainment industry.

This is the first channel of its kind to provide unique and original programming meant to entertain the LGBT community. It has a number of shows that are popular on LOGO and on other mainstream channels. This goes to show that the world is changing little by little to be more inclusive. Here are a few of the shows that can be found on LOGO and other satellite tv channels that are of interest to the LGBT communities.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is a favorite of LGBT people and straight people alike. It is a makeover show for heterosexual men. The twist is that the makeover is ushered on with the help of five sassy and stylish gay men. They help to whip these men into shape from their personal appearances to their cooking and home dcor. If you love makeover shows this is a fabulous one to watch, as the transformations are incredible.

Queer as Folk is a Showtime Original drama that follows a group of gay men as they navigate their crisscrossing friendships and relationships. It is a show that has great character development and really delves deep into the issues that many people in the LGBT community face, with a particular focus on gay men.

The L Word is the first long running lesbian drama to air on cable television. It is a wildly successful series that had a huge following in the lesbian and straight communities. It is an ensemble show that follows the lives of a group of lesbians intertwined in friendships and relationships living in West Hollywood. You can find this show on LOGO and other satellite tv channels.

The Real L Word: Los Angeles is one of the first reality shows to feature lesbian life as its central theme. The idea came from the aforementioned popularity of The L Word and it attempts to create a real life picture of what its like to be a lesbian in Los Angeles. The show follows the lives of the women to show the everyday trials of being gay as well as the normalcy and drama of their relationships compared to heterosexual norm. You can find the first season on satellite tv now, as the second season is finishing up.

With HD Direct TV you can find a world of genre specific programming to fit your interests. With DIRECT.TV you can watch any of these great GLBT shows.

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