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January 4, 2018
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January 5, 2018

Saving America’s Economy the Constitutional Way

With the economic crisis now foremost in Americans’ minds, pushing back their concerns for the ongoing War in Iraq (a manipulated crisis at it’s core, occurring just prior to the 2008 elections mind you), below are some suggestions for getting our economy back on track the “old fashioned,” way – by abiding by the Constitution.

1. Rescind the 700 Billion Dollar fraud of a bailout that was rushed through before the American people could become none the wiser, and which was covered up by the mainstream media acting in concert. This bailout was nothing more than a “payback” for those members of Congress, and the two presidential candidates, for their loans for their campaigns, billed at the American peoples’ expense and will result in inflationary taxes that, no matter what pittance is rebated to the American people in the form of a stimulus package will only stimulate the coffers of the government once again in tax revenue. A Ponzi scheme if ever there was one.

2.Call in the loans of all countries whose balance sheets are now in the black, and whose currency is thus now also more stable, for all the foreign aid and loans we have made to them while our own economy has sunk in the process. No more foreign aid unless and until America gets some of those loans repaid, with interest.

3. Recall immediately all non-essential service personnel now serving in Iraq, leaving only the career army and diplomatic corp to oversee the arrangement of the transferring of the costs of the rebuilding efforts to their own government, since we were so very gracious in dethroning their latest dictator rather than abiding by the original Congressional Resolution calling for the capture of those strictly responsible for 9/11….Osama bin Laden and all those who directly gave him aid and comfort.

The costs of this ongoing frivolous conflict are putting is putting our children and grandchildren’s welfare and continued safety at risk, and also their own economic futures. How can you defeat any enemy whose personal beliefs hold that dying for their cause is the highest honor. The logic of this continuing war based on that simple premise continues to astound me, and a good many other Americans.

4. Pass effective legislation calling for accountability of the Federal Reserve, and no more independent actions outside the oversight of Congress, per our Constitution that gives Congress, and Congress alone, the power to print and value our currency. Since that provision was unlawfully transferred by the Wilson Administration, then at the very least also provision should have been included to provide for strict regulation and oversight, not our Congress essentially working for them and their agendas. Also, enact sufficient oversight and regulation of their member local branches and private banks who are recipients also of loans from the Federal Reserve and their policies in their dealings with the public. No more freewheeling and fraudulent bailouts, especially not for global industries, such as AIG. Reinstate low interest fixed and assumable loans.

5. Repeal the 16th Amendment that affords the majority of legislator’s time and now a year around Congress to be bribed and forsake their oaths of office to the American people in favor of corporate and global interests and using their tax dollars in order to so do. We are at this point funding the entire world’s economy, and tying our economy into that of other nations since they have now been given “corporate access” to legislators through funding, although those for whom they are lobbying for a share of America’s and the taxpayer’s wealth are not even American based corporation but foreign interests.

6. Repeal the 17th Amendment calling for state legislative election of Senators, so that they again have a voice at the federal levels, and are not simply lobbyists at the federal trough for funding as another special interest group. No campaign election fraud with respect to the election of Senators, and Constitutional government once again. Institute the provisions that campaign contributions may only be accepted for House members from citizens, not corporate interests, that live in their districts. No outside state or federal funding. You cannot have a government of the people when the representatives serve outside interests, and not the people at all.

7. Since corporations only pay income taxes on their profits, tax them to the hilt. Then maybe those profits will trickle down to either the employees, or into research and development costs in order to protect their investment the old fashioned way – by reinvesting in it rather than the Boards of Directors and upper level management skimming the profits. Institute regulations that call for investor/stockholder approval of all severance and bonus packages to eliminate “golden parachutes.” The investors own the company, so should have a say in the compensation for which these top level management employees are entitled and worth. Not them self-determining, in many instances, their own salaries and severance packages.

Those are just a few, but there are so many more Constitutional abridgments which have been enacted that got us where we are.

But those “Lucky 7” would be a great start.

Betsy Ross

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