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April 11, 2018
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April 12, 2018

Student Culture and Various Expressions of This Phenomenon

There are different stories about students and their life. College-themed movies suggest people a great variety of different stories and legends about adventures of students, their parties, and love affairs. Some people treat these original stories as good fiction with some elements of the real life whereas others think that these movies are based on the events that took place in real life. In this respect, stereotypes are established by means of certain stories put in a favorable light. Student culture is original and bright as well as all other cultures. Students have their traditions and their language; some sights can be considered purely student-like. When a group of people can be organized in terms of certain factors that can be attributed to most representatives of the group, they can be considered a culture. Expressions of student culture There are different expressions of student culture that can be traced in different countries and social layers. 1.A place to live All people should have some place to live. Students can live on campus, off campus, at home, or within student enclaves. The latter are types of ghettos where the prevailing part of inhabitants includes students. 2.Some food to eat. All people have certain preferences in food. Some people prefer healthy food whereas others cannot live without a hotdog. Student culture can be characterized with great amount of junk food from fast food restaurants and snack bars. 3.Fashion and clothes. Students are stylish and their style is original. As a rule, their clothes depend on a subculture they belong to and the music they listen to. However, some occasions require students to be dressed smart and neat. 4.Language. A specific language is another integral part of a student culture. They can speak in different languages though they understand each other well. Moreover, social networks facilitate communication.

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