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August 30, 2015
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August 30, 2015

Winter Sports

One of the misunderstandings is that long-distance running can replace warm-up activities. Because of the stimulation of human exposure to cold air in winter, muscles, joint tissue activities are low; the flexibility of ligaments and stretching will also be significantly reduced. Without adequate warm-up activities, it is likely to cause muscle strain. It is not the whole story that if one wants to get a warm-up just through the method of running. There is the second myth, which is about clothes matters, or we can say, light clothes are not equal to speed. The body is under the condition of room temperature before sports, if you take off too many clothes, the cold air will do harm to lungs and bronchi as well as put negative stimulus on the stomach. The most serious thing is that it can easily lead to disease.

There is a third myth, which is about whether exercise can better exercise your body or not. There are strict demanding of body flexibility and strength for Vigorous exercise and combat sports. Body in winter is a litter stiff, if you carry out vigorous exercise, it is prone to hurt. The fourth misunderstanding is that the sooner the morning exercise is, the better the effect will be. It is easy to come up with the phenomenon of inversion layer actually and it is not good for all kinds of harmful gases and dust to diffuse. Especially in the air before sunrise, a lot of impurities and germs exist. In this movement in the air for a long time, chronic respiratory diseases can be caused. Furthermore, cardiovascular function in six o’clock is worse, if there is cardiovascular disease, it will be easy-to-onset.

There is a fifth myth of winter sports, which is in order to run, snow and shine should be broken. There are fogs in winter mornings, now and then and the air is seriously polluted. You will suffer from the  North Face Denali Jacket Womens large number of dust, the pathogenic microorganisms if you go out and take exercise at this occasion, which will let your lungs inhale some harmful substances, also lead to chest tightness, difficulty breathing, serious can cause rhinitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, conjunctivitis and even cause disease, cardiovascular disease. So we can draw a conclusion that it will be better to run in a pleasant weather. If air pollution index is high, it is not suitable for outdoor exercise.

The sixth error is that it would be better if we do exercise indoors rather than outdoors in winter. In fact, people accustomed to close windows and doors in winter, but indoor air pollution is often heavy, it is not suitable for exercising, although the warm temperature indoors. The body will be constantly stimulated by the cold air if we do physical exercise outdoors; it also can enhance the body resistance. In addition, the sunlight has disinfection effect to human body, still can promote body on the absorption of calcium, phosphorus. If the weather is not bad, pollution is not bad, it will be good for growing young soldiers to do exercise out of the room. The seventh misunderstanding is that physical exercise must be fast. In fact, the human body’s muscle fiber is fragile; the bone density is also low in winter. Too much exercise can cause muscle strain and bone fiber fracture. The worst case may cause chronic muscle damage and even fracture.

To make winter sports secure and enjoyable, you should be equipment totally, not only body, but also clothing. We offer outdoor North Face Denali Jacket in Canada, popular North Face Denali Jacket Pink in stock.

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