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Poland’s Foreign Minister discusses ‘strategic partnership’ with South Korea in Seoul

Poland’s Foreign Minister, Zbigniew Rau, has met with South Korea’s top diplomats to discuss the strategic partnership between the two nations in security and defense. During his three-day visit to South Korea, Rau held meetings with Unification Minister Kwon Young-se, National Security Bureau Chief Kim Sung-han, and Foreign Minister Park Jin in Seoul on Tuesday.
Speaking to reporters after the meetings, Rau described Poland and South Korea as a tight team made up of two countries that are situated far away from each other, but understand each other well and are close. He further mentioned that the political relations between the two nations were good, while their economic relations were even better, given that South Korea is Poland’s comprehensive economic partner. Rau highlighted that the two nations were cooperating in the field of security, arms industry, and energy issues.
The Polish Foreign Minister noted that there was a significant potential for bilateral cooperation between Poland and South Korea in the construction of nuclear power plants, as well as in the construction and development of Poland’s planned new mega airport and transport network, the Solidarity Transport Hub. He added that it was an extensive range of economic cooperation.
Poland and South Korea have been expanding their cooperation in recent years. In 2013, the two countries signed a strategic partnership agreement, followed by the signing of a bilateral agreement on defense cooperation in 2018. The defense agreement focused on the exchange of information and experiences in the areas of defense policy, military education, and training.
The cooperation between Poland and South Korea in the field of nuclear power is significant, given that Poland is currently building its first nuclear power plant, the Ostrowiec Nuclear Power Plant, which is expected to begin operations in 2033. South Korea is also among the leading nations in the field of nuclear energy, with its nuclear industry being a significant contributor to its economy.
The Solidarity Transport Hub, which is a flagship project of the Polish government, is expected to be completed by 2027. The project aims to create a transportation hub that will connect air, rail, and road transport systems in the central part of Europe. The hub is expected to significantly improve transport connectivity and increase economic activity in the region.
In conclusion, the meeting between Poland’s Foreign Minister and South Korea’s top diplomats indicates the two countries’ growing cooperation in various fields. The discussions focused on strengthening the strategic partnership between the two nations in security, defense, and economic cooperation. The potential for further cooperation in the construction of nuclear power plants and the development of Poland’s Solidarity Transport Hub was also highlighted.Photo by, Wikimedia commons.

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