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Majority of polish citizens planning summer getaways

According to analysts at the Polish Economic Institute (PIE), approximately 60 percent of Poles are making plans for their summer holidays. Those opting for domestic travel are inclined to choose the Baltic Sea coast as their preferred destination, while those venturing abroad are more likely to head to Croatia.
Meanwhile, between 14 and 28 percent of Poles have no travel plans at all.
As observed in previous years, around 60 percent of Polish citizens are planning holidays within the country, as reported by the Polish Tourism Organisation. The Baltic Sea remains the most popular destination within Poland, attracting 27 to 37 percent of holidaymakers, followed by the mountains (15-22 percent) and Masuria (8-19 percent). Among those planning to travel abroad, Croatia tops the list (18 percent), followed by Greece (14 percent), Spain (12 percent), Italy (11 percent), and Turkey (9 percent).
“Domestic trips are predominantly planned for July and August, while foreign trips are scheduled for September,” pointed out the analysts.
According to the Central Statistical Office of Poland, the number of domestic tourists utilizing accommodations within the country increased by 12 percent in the first four months of 2023, in comparison to the same period last year.
Insufficient financial resources remain the main barrier preventing Poles from going on vacation. Various surveys indicate that this is the reason cited by 41 to 50 percent of individuals who do not embark on holiday trips.
The PIE statement further revealed that 65 percent of those intending to spend their holidays in Poland and 64 percent of those traveling abroad plan to go away for a maximum of one week.
“The declarations made by Poles regarding this year’s holiday trips are returning to pre-pandemic levels. The number of people going on vacation is increasing, and Poles are showing a greater willingness to travel abroad,” observed the analysts at PIE. Photo by dronepicr, Wikimedia commons.

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