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Poland provides sanctuary for thousands of Belarusians: foreign minister

Poland’s Foreign Minister, Zbigniew Rau, has conveyed a message of solidarity to the Belarusian people on the third anniversary of the “fraudulent presidential elections” in their country. In a video shared on social media, Rau affirmed that Poland has become a safe refuge for thousands of Belarusians who have been seeking shelter from repression and lack of prospects in their homeland.
Rau praised the resolute determination of Belarusians in the face of dishonest elections and commended their aspirations for living in a free and democratic society. He acknowledged the hardships faced by Belarusians due to the regime’s violent response to their calls for dignity and freedom, including mass arrests, beatings, intimidation, and even killings.
Addressing the Belarusian society, including the Polish national minority, Rau emphasized the opportunities for pursuing skills and entrepreneurship in Poland while expressing understanding for the desire of many to eventually return home. He acknowledged the ongoing spiral of violence but expressed confidence that one day, Belarusians would be welcomed back to their free homeland where prosperity and growth can flourish.
Rau declared that Poland stands by Belarus’s hopes and European aspirations. In response, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, exiled Belarusian opposition leader, expressed deep gratitude for Poland’s unwavering support for the people of Belarus. She acknowledged Poland as a safe haven for those escaping repression and called for continued international backing to champion the cause of political prisoners and the yearning for freedom among Belarusians. Photo by Estonian Foreign Ministry, Wikimedia commons.

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