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Poland’s trade surplus reaches EUR 4.1 billion in the first four months of 2023: Statistics Office

According to the latest report from Poland’s statistics office, the country has recorded a foreign trade surplus of approximately EUR 4.1 billion in the first four months of this year. The state-run agency, Statistics Poland (GUS), revealed that from January to April, Poland’s total exports amounted to EUR 117 billion, while imports were valued at EUR 112.9 billion.
The report also highlighted a positive growth trend in Poland’s exports, with a 10.2 percent increase in zloty terms at current prices compared to the same period in 2022. However, imports experienced a slight decline of 0.2 percent year on year.
Germany, the Czech Republic, and France emerged as Poland’s largest export markets during the first four months of 2023. On the other hand, Germany, China, and Italy were the leading import partners for the country, as indicated by the data.
These figures signal a notable shift from the previous year, as Poland concluded 2022 with a foreign trade deficit of approximately EUR 19.8 billion, according to Statistics Poland. In 2022 as a whole, Poland’s total exports amounted to EUR 343.8 billion, while imports reached EUR 363.7 billion.
The positive trade surplus in the early months of 2023 reflects the strength and competitiveness of Poland’s export sector. It also signifies the country’s ability to balance its international trade, contributing to a more stable economic outlook. Photo by kkic, Wikimedia commons.

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